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V 1.2 Patch Notes

Attention FBHL,
I have made some minor changes to the software both on android and IOS
Additions to the APP

    • Search option for your MystatsOnline player card. Users now have the option to search up their MyStatsOnline player card and others under the MyStatsOnline Search
    • Rulebook Edit- Upon Commisioner request, edited Section 3.2 and minor rules
    • FBHL Media page. The FBHL is starting back up soon thanks to Jason Langreder. Content will be available soon

I hope you enjoy these updates If you want to input an idea or anything drop a comment. Thank You So Much Janks

If anyone still needs a player card done. Please DM ME (Janks)

FBHL Power Rankings: Week 3

Power Rankings

1. Vegas Golden Knights (23-1-0) (1) ⏪⏩

– Until they lose another game, Vegas is still the unanimous favorite.

2. Ottawa Senators (19-4-1) (2) ⏪⏩

– Still the favorite in the East, but their grip has loosened. A matchup against Washington looms large.

3. San Jose Sharks (19-3-2) (6) 🔼

– Wins over Detroit, Nashville and Carolina lead to a 7-1-0 week.

4. Washington Capitals (19-4-1) (9) 🔼

– The real test begins for Washington this week.

5. Boston Bruins (18-5-1) (11) 🔼

– Only loss this week was in OT against Vancouver. A very strong team with a strong resume.

6. Carolina Hurricanes (18-5-1) (3) 🔽

– A weird week for Carolina. Wins against Dallas, St. Louis and Ottawa. Losses against Boston, San Jose and Philly.

7. Nashville Predators (20-4-0) (5) 🔽

– Only two losses this week were against San Jose and Vegas. Other than that, they finished their week strong with four straight wins including one over Detroit.

8. Detroit Red Wings (17-7-0) (4) 🔽

– This is still a tough team to beat, but losses against San Jose, Nashville and Ottawa shows that there is still room for improvement.

9. St. Louis Blues (19-3-2) (8) 🔽

– Still a good team, but the loss to Tampa hurts.

10. Montreal Canadiens (14-7-3) (7) 🔽

– Rough week for Montreal as they were only able to muster three wins this week.

11. Calgary Flames (15-9-0) (12) 🔼

– Other than a win over Montreal, a pretty uneventful week.

12. Buffalo Sabres (15-9-0) (10) 🔽

– Losses to Anaheim and Tampa is a step in the wrong direction.

13. Dallas Stars (14-8-2) (15) 🔼

– Dallas is a very underrated team. Wins over San Jose, Ottawa and Buffalo prove that they’re here to stay.

14. Los Angeles Kings (11-12-1) (14) ⏪⏩

– For what it’s worth, this is still a really good team. 5-5-0 in their last 10 is keeping them around.

15. Toronto Maple Leafs (13-10-1) (19) 🔼

– Can’t ignore a 7-2-1 record in their last 10, plus a big win over Philly.

16. Philadelphia Flyers (13-10-1) (16) ⏪⏩

– The Toronto loss hurts, but they did make up for it with a split on Friday with Carolina, taking one to OT.

17. New Jersey Devils (10-12-2) (22) 🔼

– New Jersey is sneaky good. Expect them to keep making a push.

18. Arizona Coyotes (12-11-1) (17) 🔽

– Another average week for Arizona.

19. Chicago Blackhawks (11-13-0) (21) 🔼

– Chicago continues to make strides in the right direction, however, after winning their first four of the week, they went on to only win one of their final four to close it out.

20. Colorado Avalanche (10-14-0) (28) 🔼

– Finished off the week on a 5 game winning streak to salvage a rough start. Is this the turning point?

21. Edmonton Oilers (11-13-0) (13) 🔽

– After starting 11-5-0, Edmonton has lost 8 straight. It doesn’t get any easier.

22. Vancouver Canucks (10-13-1) (20) 🔽

– Other than a win against Boston, Vancouver couldn’t get it going this week.

23. New York Rangers (10-13-1) (24) 🔼

– Just when you think they’re down, they come back strong.

24. Pittsburgh Penguins (8-14-2) (18) 🔽

– Only win this week was over the Islanders in OT.

25. New York Islanders (6-13-5) (26) 🔼

– The Islanders lead the league in overtime losses. Their record might not indicate it, but, for the most part, they’re in most of their games.

26. Columbus Blue Jackets (7-14-3) (25) 🔽

– Columbus is starting to string wins together, even one against a really good Washington team. Let’s see if they can keep it going.

27. Anaheim Ducks (7-16-1) (23) 🔽

– The Ducks started strong, winning two of their first three, including one against Buffalo. Unfortunately, they ended the week on a 5 game losing streak.

28. Minnesota Wild (5-17-2) (27) 🔽

– They have allowed the 4th most goals of any team.

29. Tampa Bay Lightning (4-18-2) (31) 🔼

– Last week, the wheels fell off. This week, their owner decided to screw them back in. Just like IKEA, there are pieces missing, but you still construct it and hope it works. Two wins last week help.

30. Seattle Kraken (4-20-0) (29) 🔽

– League worst 44% penalty kill.

31. Florida Panthers (2-21-1) (30) 🔽

– A 10 game losing streak has put Florida last in the East and two points up on Winnipeg.

32. Winnipeg Jets (1-22-1) (32) ⏪⏩

– Finally! Final team to win a game!

ECU Manager Posts

Thanks to approval by Hank, I am allowing owners to make a post on the app if they need ECUS.
Here’s the deal In order to see the posts you would need to signed up and have the app downloaded on your device. I believe this will give a much bigger push and a faster push if owners needed an ECU.

This update will be pushed out tomorrow. (the reason so I could let users sign up first.)

V 1.1 Patch Notes

Attention FBHL,
I have made some minor changes to the software both on android and IOS
Additions to the APP

    • Search option to the app. Users now have the option to search for other pages, and other player cards/stats.
    • Register page to the top of the menu
      *Admin Note: The register button below the login button doesn’t work, users are instructed to use the Register page at the top of the menu. Admin is working on fixing this issue currently and will release a patch note once this is updated*
    • All commented twitch users to the broadcast page. Those who commented on the previous post with their twitch channels were added to the broadcast page effective immediately
    • All notification can now be found under the notifications tab
    • Availability sheets if your owner opts in the option, once a user a login they can view the tab called “Weekly Availability sheets”
    • For management; added MyStatsOnline (MSO) to the app. Owners/GMs can log in with their MSO information in the tab. As well only management can see their team responses to the availability sheet.

I hope you enjoy these updates If you want to input an idea or anything drop a comment. Thank You So Much Janks

FBHL Broadcast

The FBHL is looking for twitch streamers to add to their broadcast page. Please comment here or message Janks on Facebook your twitch channel user. Everyone will be added!!!!!!!!!

New Android App For FBHL

Attention FBHL!!!!!
I changed the android software and APK to the same software of the ios version. Please understand that when I did this change I had to delete the old app we had and re-upload the new one. With my sincerest apologies. here is the new link for the android app on google play Click Right Here To Download
Hope you all enjoyed, with much love Janks